Sydsvenskan loge​

SWEDBANK – this loge is situated in Swedbank Arena in Malmö, where the local football team – MFF playing their games. This space has a more sporty feeling with wall that reflects the MFF history, the carpet that tries to copy the green grass on the footboll lawn.​

ARENAN – this loge is situated in Malmö Arena, where there are held everything from big concerts to important hockegames. Sydsvenskan wanted an exclusive space where the newspaper can have important meetings and dinners meanwhile We try to acheive a space with a intimate feeling, we also made an interesting light installation that brings a lot of atmosphere to the space, the installation was made i collaboration with Anders Camré/Preference lighting, Malmö.

Dysign AB c/o Zenit Design / Industrigatan 4 / 212 14 Malmö

Kontakt / Åsa Dyberg / 070 399 66 86 /​